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How Technology Consulting Services Can Enhance Your Project in Santa Monica

Tips for Coordinating Projects with Architects, Interior Designers, and Builders

Often a project requires working with a lot of different individuals from varying specialties. The mix of personalities and goals often contribute to the range of difficulty of the project. It’s not uncommon for an audio video specialist or technology designer to get derailed due to a builder’s plans or interior designer’s wishes. So how does every specialty work together cohesively to meet all the goals on time and on target according to plan? Technology consulting services may come in handy in these cases. Not only will our team advise you on the best systems and strategies for installing technology in your place of business, but we’ll also offer on-site management services to ensure the design plans are implemented. Continue reading to discover our tips on how to coordinate projects with multiple team members.

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Tip 1: Consult with a Professional Technology Designer

Even though you may already know exactly what you want – whether that be a video conferencing system, distributed audio, or new network – there is a benefit to consulting a professional first before you hire an integrator to do the work. First, we’ll meet with you to review your goals and objectives, then we’ll propose a general plan of what needs to be done. There may be additional components or work you haven’t thought about including. We’ll help you understand exactly what is needed for a properly designed solution.

Tip 2: Have a Documented Plan in Place

There’s a difference between having a general idea of what you want accomplished and creating a concrete plan on paper. The reality is you need a professional to design and document your project so that every system has exact specifications. This is essential especially when a building is being created from the ground up. One misstep or miscommunication can mean delays and frustration. Special parts may not fit or align with the interior designer or builders’ plans. Having a well-documented design means every person involved can easily follow the plans, leaving less room for error. Not only will our designs help during the installation and building process, but they will also serve as a record for future work.

Tip 3: Consider On-site Management

Once you have the plans in place, it’s time to make sure everyone on the team follows them. So how do you avoid costly errors? Innovave offers on-site management so that a professional is always there to ensure the designs are followed exactly. You can trust us to do the work of implementing the plans from start to finish perfectly. Not only will we supervise the construction and installation, but also problem-solve issues that arise during construction. We understand that projects can be unpredictable at times, and plans may need to change. In those cases, we’ll simply adjust the designs to reflect the work that was done. Our management services are definitely worth the investment.

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