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3 Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

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Two-thousand sixteen was a big year for the AV industry, and next year is really going to take off. We saw the introduction of voice control with Amazon’s Alexa and Google home, as well as the expansion of 4K video. Automation is growing at a rapid rate in both the residential and commercial markets—both luxury and mid-level. At Innovave, we aim to stay updated on all that’s going on in the automation world so that we can bring the best design and technology consulting services to businesses across Pasadena, California. In this blog, we are covering three top technology trends for 2017, so keep reading after the jump.

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  1. 4K Will Continue to Replace High Definition

When 4K began to enter the AV market, TVs were priced as high as $10,000—a tag most Americans could never afford. Over the years, that price has dropped dramatically. Last year at Christmas, sales for 4K TVs skyrocketed. Now a person can buy one for just a bit more money than a quality HD TV. While most people don’t exactly understand what Ultra-HD means, they are impressed by the incredible detail on the screen and how bright the colors are. UHD projectors have 8 million more pixels than HD ones—that’s four times the resolution. Not only are TVs and projectors still coming down in price, but producers are creating more content in 4K so you don’t have to worry about not getting your money’s worth.

  1. Voice Control Will Be the New Remote

Every person has his or her own style of controlling a smart home or office. So far, the main vehicles for controls have been mobile apps on devices including smartphones and tablets, remote controls, and keypads. Voice control was first imagined and brought to life on television—such as the TV show Start Trek. Activating technology with our voices has been a long-time coming, so the explosion of Alexa and Google Home is understandable. Now that Google Home has been launched, expect to see even more voice control devices and compatible systems. Alexa works with many reliable and quality manufacturers, like Lutron, Control4, and Sonos. In 2017, more manufacturers will be added to that list and more homes will have a voice control-enabled device. Even if California families don’t have Alexa, they’ll probably have voice control in some other form—like their TV remote.

  1. Expect a Networking Boom

According to CePro, with the growth of automation, more connected devices are being added to the network, causing it to slow down and become less reliable.  Experts are predicting that the networking category will grow exponentially in 2017, with integrators and technology designers like us creating more robust networks for clients. Another element to add to this point is that as the security and surveillance sector expands, the demand for quality networks will be even higher so that corporations and families can monitor their properties and access video footage from around the world.

Our team will continue to bring the latest smart home news in front of your eyes. A lot of exciting things are happening in the AV industry right now. To learn more about our company, services, or about these technology trends, please contact us. We offer professional consulting services for individuals and organizations all over Pasadena, CA.

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