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Working with a Technology Design Expert in Los Angeles

Consider These Trends When Installing New Technology in Your Business

One of the greatest concerns we encounter working with clients is making sure the system lasts and meets the needs of the end consumer. After all, the ultimate goals of your business are to succeed and make a worthwhile investment while also satisfying staff and customers. So how do you guarantee that the technology you purchase will get the job done? The answer is hiring a technology design expert and consultant. Our design and consulting services are helping businesses across Los Angeles, California get the most out of their projects and investments. Keep reading to learn our tips for following the latest technology trends.

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Trend #1: Ease of Use

One of the most important factors in designing plans for a business is making sure the system is easy to use for everyone. A first step is identifying access points for both controls and network connections. Touch screens and mobile devices must be placed in locations where users can easily find them and conveniently control audio, video, security and more. Installing a touch screen control interface into the wall by the front door is a typical way to give everyone quick access to the building’s system. Other central locations could include a conference room, main hallway or executive office. For example, in a government building, access would be restricted to high clearance officials. Every user would have a personal code and limited access to control locations. Depending on the end goal, our team will customize the design to make your controls secure or easy to access – like a public facility such as a library or research center. In either case, every person will be able to easily navigate the interface.

Trend #2: Hidden Technology

Today’s modern interior design dictates that technology be hidden or blended into the infrastructure. More designers are having to incorporate technology into the aesthetic of the plans so that the audio, video, lighting and shading is all seamlessly blended together with the décor. A technology designer will be aware of any structural or technological constraints while also maintaining the integrity of the interior design. Our designers will of course include any hidden elements in the plans, like placing a TV inside a wall or behind artwork, and including invisible speakers. While visitors may not see the AV components, leaders will have documents locating each and every device, wire and product.

Trend #3: Seamless Integration

In a smart system, every device and subsystem needs to work together seamlessly. Further, if a new system is added, it should be able to be easily integrated in. For example, a well-designed infrastructure will allow for the system to be expanded with new components later. If your company needs plans for a video and security system, but years later wants to add multi-room music, the speakers should be able to communicate and work with the system in place. Our team will make sure your system works well with every piece, and can even be altered in the future. Our professional plans will help make the process smooth in the event you need additional changes.

Make sure your business is up to speed with these technology trends. We can help get you prepared for the future with our professional design services.

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