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3 Ways to Improve Your High School Classrooms with Audio Video Design

High-tech High Schools Use Audio Video Design to Create New Learning Environments

Today’s high schools need quality technology to not only support their learning programs but also create a safe environment for students. Audio video design experts can help your school achieve conducive environments for students to do science experiments, present projects, and have fun with their classmates too.  Innovave has extensive experience designing high-tech classrooms for local high schools in the Santa Monica, California area, and do the same for your school as well. Here are some of the key technologies we can design for you.

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  1. Install an HD or UHD Projector

Projectors are incredibly useful in the classroom and in many ways work better than flat-screen TVs. Firstly, projectors allow you to project a large image onto the wall, whereas TVs are limited by how big of a picture they can display. In a classroom, you can use the projector to play educational videos, present projects the students have worked hard on, and show important diagrams or images for study. An updated projector and screen will be able to show images in vivid colors and clear picture, which will keep students engaged. Our team will also create a design for the projector and screen so that it’s easy for the teacher to operate and keep out of the way so it doesn’t hinder the flow of the classroom. If you want the technology to be hidden, we can create designs for that as well.

  1. Use Multi-room Audio to Relay Important Information to Students

Let’s say one of the students has an accident during a science experiment and a fire erupts on one of the tables. The teacher should be able to immediately hit a button and begin an emergency sequence throughout the school to keep everyone safe. A multi-room audio solution will help facilitate the emergency procedure by broadcasting messages to everyone in the school, like where to exit. Our audio video designers can layout an audio system that will reach everyone in the building and still work in extreme conditions. If your school ever needs an update, the plans we create will be a helpful reference.

  1. Use CCTVs to Monitor Activity

Whether there is a science experiment gone wrong, or a violent student hurting others in the hallway, a CCTV camera system can help monitor all the activity that goes on in your high school. A close circuit television system simply means that the video captured in your hallways will only be shared with your administrators and will not be broadcast on an open channel. All of the recordings will be private and secure. Your security guards, teachers, and other leaders will be able to quickly and easily review camera footage daily, or in the event of an emergency. If your school needs additional network connections or equipment to make the system effective, we can document the extra work in the plans. If any other needs come up down the road, we can update your audio video designs so you have an up-to-date record of all the work that was performed.

We understand that schools have many needs today when it comes to properly running a classroom and keeping kids safe. Innovave can help you administrators plan a proper audio video system with professional designs and consulting services. Contact us online to get started.

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