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Get a Proper Audio/Video Design for Your Collaborative Environments

Consider These Aspects When Hiring a Design & Engineering Professional

Today, collaboration is key. Whether you are a CEO of a large corporation in Pasadena, California who regularly meets with board members, or you are a media professional delivering the morning news, or work for the government organizing educational programs – you need an open space to discuss and decide upon important issues and endeavors. New advances in technology are giving us many tools to facilitate these conversations. Commercial audio video systems are useful for a variety of applications. As always, the key is proper audio video design. In this blog, we’ll cover some audio and video design aspects of collaborative environments.

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Conference Rooms

In an article on Commercial Integrator, Nathan Spell reported, “Collaboration keeps companies competitive. Teams working together ultimately drive success. Companies that fail to bring people and ideas together in new and better ways will stagnate while their competition thrives.”

You need the right design to facilitate and encourage collaboration. One of those key elements you need is professional audio video equipment, properly connected, configured, and arranged in a space. Let’s say you have a large room available as a meeting space and you want to add technology for presentations, discussions, and video conference calls. A design expert will assess the space and determine where the screen should hang, how far the projector must be from the screen, and where all of the outlets and network connections are. Innovave professionals also make sure the wires, connections, and equipment is expertly hidden from view so it doesn’t clutter the room. Controls will be conveniently located by the doors do easy access. All of this will be documented in the plans early on in the project.


Open Work Environments

Open work environments encourage collaboration. Many companies are deciding to leave work areas open instead of creating cubicles so that employees more easily communicate. For example, news stations are designed to leave communication channels open because the work environment is so fast paced.

In this case, Innovave would design the room to include multiple TVs in a central location, and other key areas so that executive producers and news directors can keep tabs on different news channels and breaking stories constantly. Writers, reporters, and editors stationed at computers will have access to a network of information, and will be able to quickly send and share information. Information officers also need access to police reports and wires to monitor local activity. All of this requires professional design. TVs, speakers, network connections, phones and more are all vital parts of an open work environment and we can ensure this design is perfect for any station or other business who needs it.


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