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How to Plan Out the Right Network with a Site Infrastructure Design

Ensure Your Pasadena Facility Has Reliable Internet

In some of our previous articles, we’ve discussed the importance of creating a proper design for your audio video or integration project. Whether you are a small office in Pasadena, California that needs AV distribution or a large school that requires a robust Internet for thousands of students, the site infrastructure design matters. Innovave has years of experience designing state-of-the-art plans for commercial businesses all over Southern California, and can even see your project through to completion with site management services.

In this blog, we will focus on one particular aspect of design that plays a large part in how your system will operate – the network. There are many different ways to establish a reliable and strong Internet connection. However, it must certainly be tailored to your specific needs and location. Keep reading to learn more.

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Today’s standard is to have Internet access at all times – whether you are at the bank, a football game, school, or the doctor’s office. We’ve all developed an expectation to be wirelessly connected at all times. However, in the realm of commercial or public spaces, Internet availability should be secure and limited. Your business must establish specific parameters for how people connect, when they connect, and for how long.

Unfortunately, consumer networks were never meant to handle the high demands of the audio/video components currently used in most businesses. The results are unacceptable WiFi performance, data loss, constant reboots, product failure, and the always-annoying customer service phone calls to internet providers.

You can’t expect to simply call an ISP for a quick install by hooking up a router and hoping it suffices. A commercial-grade network with high-quality components and a customized design is required for optimal performance – especially if you have specific parameters that go outside of the standard.

Here are just a few examples of what we can design for you:

Local access points in key locations throughout your business: When we design and draw up plans on the computer for you, we include local Internet access points that show where computers can connect, or any other type of hardware that requires a LAN connection. This will save you the headache of having a builder decide where the access points go and then later stringing cords all over your facility.

WiFi passcodes and time limits: If you have a private business, it may be easier to give everyone in the building access to your WiFi. However, in public spaces like libraries or government facilities, creating a custom WiFi network can get complicated. We can help by creating passwords for anyone who uses the Internet daily, time limits on guests, and specifications for what types of sites people can access. In schools, your custom network will prevent students from visiting inappropriate websites, and even any Internet at all during certain times of the day when they should be listening to lectures.

No matter what your business or organization needs, we can design a network infrastructure that is tailored to your unique demands. We design plans to ensure a truly reliable Internet connection, a network infrastructure designed for A/V, superior wireless connectivity, and complete IP power control. We also recommend industry-leading technology that combines wired/wireless data and IP power with local and cloud-based management. So not only can you have the most reliable network infrastructure, you can also experience the very best in control. Contact us online for a high-quality design!

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