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3 Questions to Ask When Renovating Your Facility

Consider These Elements when Adding Technology to Your Building

A renovation can be stressful for everyone involved. Whether you are constructing a new wing in your school, updating all of the technology in your library, or integrating audio video in your business, technology design is a crucial element to the project. Before you hire an installer or begin the project, ask yourself these three important questions. Technology design services could be a major help to your team as you update or add electronics and systems to your Pasadena, California facility.

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  1. What kind of controls do you want to use and provide to guests?

You know that you need high-quality audio and video in your facility, but what are going to be your primary means of controlling them? Consider how your staff, visitors, and managers operate on a day-to-day basis. Do they keep smartphones on them all the time? Do they like to use mobile devices like tablets, or work stations like desktop computers? Today we even have the option of using voice control to manage our commercial systems. The Amazon Echo and Dot can be integrated into a conference room so that users can simply speak a command and watch it all happen. A technology design consultant like Innovave can sit down with you and recommend the right controls for your spaces—like a touch screen that is stationed on a wall, mobile devices like tablets for remote users, and voice control for quick start and stop sequences.

  1. How much access to technology will everyone have?

For security purposes, it is essential to determine the levels of access everyone will have to your smart systems. Using proprietary technology, you can give managers and owners the highest levels of access, and guests only certain controls. It takes a professional to be able to design these types of systems where users can type in codes to use specific devices. High-security facilities like government buildings will need a system that can be tailored to each type of user. Often a one-size-fits-all system will not work in these cases. From computer network passcodes to access keys to certain rooms, we can design a system that fits your high-security environment, or community facility where everyone is welcome to your tech.

  1. How will the technology affect the architecture and layout of your spaces?

One of the biggest trends today is hiding technology. Both businesses and homeowners love to install invisible speakers and conceal their TVs in AV furniture or behind walls. So a good question to ask yourself is how the technology will look, and function, in the space. If you leave the design to a construction company, chances are a lot of details will be left out or wrong altogether. You need a team with experience and knowledge to determine where the system or device should be located and how it will connect to all of the other components. Do you have enough network connection points? Where will all the audio/video equipment be located? Is that area well ventilated for optimum performance? All of these questions are essential to ask before you begin any new construction or renovation. We can create detailed designs for you so that you and your partners know exactly where every piece of technology will be.

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