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What to Expect From Our Technology Consulting Services

An In-depth Look at Our Design and Consulting Process

As a professional design and consulting firm, we have a specific process for meeting clients’ needs through the course of a project. From concept to completion, we give careful thought and attention to each step to make sure you receive a solution that is tailored to your unique needs. Innovave is committed to making your entire experience as effective and efficient as possible.

We offer companies and firms in Pasadena, California, as well as all over Southern California, discovery meetings, digital design drawings, follow-up, and project management. Continue reading this blog to discover exactly what our services entail, as well as what you can expect when you hire Innovave for technology consulting services.

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1. Discovery Meeting

First, we meet with you to understand your needs. Often we have seen other firms produce designs that don’t meet the clients’ needs. With our technology consulting services, we discover exactly what your needs are at the beginning of the process, and tailor a specific solution to meet them. Our preliminary interviews are relaxed yet specific, as we endeavor to balance your desires with the realities of the facility or budget constraints. Not only do we focus on your end-goal and interior or exterior preferences, but also the realities of your budget, trends in the industry, and long-term value. One of our greatest strengths is that we are familiar with the types of solutions and services you typically need. Our team is adept at not only understanding your vision but also communicating recommendations based on expert information. This step is crucial since it will determine the entire course of the project. We take all of your specifications into account as we move onto the design phase.

2. System Design & Engineering

The benefit of working with Innovave is that we have hands-on experience, which makes our designs more practical. A lot of consulting firms don’t have our engineering background, which makes it more difficult for them to implement the technology. We also include many details in our drawings so that the entire plan is complete, such as network diagrams, floor plans, wiring schedule, equipment rack elevations, cabling infrastructure, and more. Our team uses AutoCAD to develop the drawings, and also survey’s your site to provide a state-of-the-art design. At Innovave, we also have a testing lab where we can test equipment provided by manufacturers before implementing it in our designs. We follow the recommended best practices for industry standards - including BISCI, InfoComm, ASIS, and AES – as well as the particular application

3. Follow-up Meeting

Once we finish the AutoCAD design, we meet with you again so we can review what we have designed. If you have additional changes, we apply those to the drawings and then finalize the whole package, which is then ready for the bidding phase. Based on the detailed design, you can get multiple bids on the project and then select and installer.

4. Project Management

Our project management services are available to you as a separate cost if you need professionals to oversee the job. We will act as the owner of the project and supervise the installation and commissioning portion. Our team can also sign off on the project when it is finished to make sure the installation exactly matches the design we have provided.

Do you need our expertise to draft a design and consult with your team? We are ready and equipped to meet all of your technology design and consulting needs. Fill out this online form to get in touch with us and schedule a discovery meeting!

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