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3 Items to Consider During Your Site Infrastructure Design


What Are Your Top Business Goals?

The planning phase of a project is the most important, especially when technology is involved. The wrong layout, system choice, or design can dramatically affect the end result. That’s why we encourage the businesses we partner with in Santa Monica and all over California to consider their options in the beginning. Our site infrastructure design services will not only help you achieve your goals, but also allow you to invest in automation, audio, and video technology that will work efficiently and last for years to come.

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Technology and Interior Design

One of the most important elements of technology design is how it’s going to fit into the décor and interior design plans. Often businesses or local facilities need to remodel a lobby, classroom, or boardroom and want to incorporate the AV system into the plans. When we design a system for you, we take every aspect into account, including the furnishings and décor. We’ll layout the components, like the flat-screen TV, speakers, intercom, routers and more so that they are in the perfect place. If you want specific hidden technology, we’ll note that in the plans as well – such as a TV mirror, a TV hidden behind a piece of artwork, or speakers placed inside the walls.

An added benefit of working with us is that you can keep these plans on file. In case of future repairs or upgrades, you’ll have a record of where everything is located and how it was installed and configured. Besides the planning phase, we also offer project management services. That means our team ensures our plans are followed correctly and until completion. We’ll work with interior designers or architects on site to meet goals and your project preferences. If any aspect is changed along the way, we’ll denote it in the final copy of the design.


Energy Saving Systems for LEED Certification

Saving energy and costs on utilities is a major concern for many businesses. If you can reduce the amount of energy you use every year, you can save thousands of dollars and even get your building certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) group. LEED-certified buildings are resource efficient. They use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, in order to save a substantial amount of energy, you need a sophisticated system to accomplish the goal. Automated systems, occupancy sensors, smart thermostats, and motorized shades can all help your building become green. Our team can create a site infrastructure design that is focused on saving energy – from giving you wireless controls of lights and electronics, to installing sensors that turn off the lights when no one is in the room. We can help you plan the project, create the design plans, and manage the installation so that your energy-saving goals are met.


Safety and Security

We have worked with schools in the past to help them ensure the safety of their students. One of our projects at Chatsworth High School, included the design of a low voltage infrastructure with a PA system, classroom audio video enhancement, CCTV, and master clock for Science Lab Safety Improvement. Security cameras will help your facility keep an eye on everyone in the building and monitor suspicious individuals, and audio video will help keep clear lines of communication between management, staff, and visitors. If safety and security is your biggest priority, we can design a system including security, surveillance, network technology, and audio video that will give you peace of mind and a big return on investment.


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