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Why is a Network Infrastructure Design Important?

Steps for Network Infrastructure Design

Just like a builder needs to create a strong foundation first before putting up drywall, a low voltage design firm must design and create the proper framework for network communication. In our area of Los Angeles, California, based on our years of hands-on experience and our educational knowledge, our team can design tailored solution for our clients. With this in mind, Innovave experts design the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to mitigate risk in your business or building environment. Here are a few reasons why the right network infrastructure design is so crucial when it comes to technology.

1. Going backwards is costly and time consuming

Perhaps designing a poor control system for a commercial building isn’t as drastic as bringing down the Golden Gate Bridge because of a faulty foundation. However, making mistakes early on in the process of installing network infrastructure will cost your business a lot of money and time. It can make or break your profitability. Fixing mistakes is costly and also slows down production on projects, which could cause you to lose clients. That’s why it’s important to have staff members that are experts at designing tailored solution, or hire a professional firm like Innovave to do it for you. The first stage of system design, whether it involves networks, audio, video or control is the most crucial.

2. Large, custom jobs need perfect design for successful performance

So you have a client that is building a skyscraper with 20 floors and every room has to have a high-speed network connection. Typically every person has a smartphone which is connected to the world through a network. Currently everyone can stream high definition audio/video content, which requires a higher speed network communication.  Innovave not only has trained professionals who can design robust, reliable and scalable systems, but we can also make sure the system will support future growth. We use professional engineering design software to make the plans clean and exact. Your engineers or architects will be able to read the plans clearly and follow them through execution. Your clients will be satisfied and your project will end on time and on budget.

Why choose Innovave?

For more than 10 years, Innovave’s engineers have been involved in the design and installation of commercial low voltage systems. With real experience in our minds, we are providing our customers the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. We can customize any system to meet clients’ precise needs. Fill out our online contact form to partner with us today.

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