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Technology in the 21rst Century

Today’s Essentials of Technology Design

Technology in the 21rst century is incredibly advanced, and is evolving every day. However, along with advanced technology comes intricate system design. Designing a commercial audio/video system or video conferencing system isn’t as simple as it used to be. Technology design in professional offices, hotels, and conference centers are quite intricate and require experts to properly execute. Here are a number of ways technology has changed and why technology design services are needed now more than ever before in Santa Monica, California as well as around the world.

Everything Must be Mobile

Even though, traditionally speaking, a wired connection is stronger, everyone wants mobile access. We live in a world where we have to have access to the Internet 24-7. Most people are glued to their phones and used them as mini computers for work, managing schedules and even arming their security system. A strong network is the backbone of a smart control system, so it has to be properly designed. A robust and reliable Wi-Fi connection isn’t easily achieved, especially when it has to reach a large amount of space and if the walls of the building are blocking signals or the location is especially remote. A professional will be able to assess the area and deisgn a network that is strong and easy to access.

Technologically Advanced, but Easy to Use

Just because the system is super advanced doesn’t mean that a rocket scientist is the only one who can figure out how to operate it. A good designer plans for how the client will use the system. A hotel executive should be able to easily turn on an alarm in the case of an emergency or turn all the lights on in the event center for a special occasion. Additionally, a guest should be able to quickly unlock their door with a keypad and turn the lights on in one action. Innovave can design the most advanced systems, but still make the controls simple enough to be used by anyone.

Easily Expandable

Not only do we want to make sure the end user can easily use the system and that it meets their needs, but we also want to “future proof” the system in a sense so that it can be expanded later. Technology is changing faster than ever, and it’s important to design the newest and most quality systems so that they last decades into the future. With a well-designed infrastructure, you’ll be able to adjust it and add on to it at any time. Innovave engineers can help you design a system that will fulfill your dreams today and years down the road. We’ll be with you every step of the way too.

Are you interested in updating your business or commercial building with today’s technology? You’ll need a professional designer to get started. Contact us today!

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