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Modernize Your Library with a Technology Consulting Specialist at Your Side

Consider These Technologies When Updating Your Facility

At Innovave, we strive to not only meet our clients’ needs with technology consulting services, but we also care about transforming the Los Angeles community with modern technology. Our world is changing at a rapid pace, and it’s important to keep our educational facilities relevant. We’ve provided consulting services and professional audio/video designs to locations across Southern California, including libraries. In one of our projects, we created a design that provided audio/video and lighting integration, Blu-ray input, and a gooseneck microphone for a meeting room. There is so much you can do to modernize your library using automation. Read this blog to discover what we would recommend for your facility.

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Creating Digital Laboratories

Libraries have always been a vital part of the community. In order for this to continue, libraries are expanding their digital resources in order to keep the public happy. For example, take a look at the new Digital Commons Center at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington D.C. People can test out a variety of the latest electronics such as the iPad mini, Kindle, Nook, and Windows 8 tablets. Eighty laptops and a Skype station are available for public use. One of the most popular items in these types of digital labs is the 3D printer, which is used in various trades. In order to provide these kinds of technologies to your visitors, you are going to need a professional network infrastructure, a well-designed layout for your audio video, and a cohesive control system to manage dozes of guests. Our technology consulting professionals can help you create a design that provides these amazing benefits to your community so you ensure these systems are safe, effective, and convenient for your guests.

Providing Meeting Spaces

The changing face of modern libraries also includes creating expansive co-working spaces to accommodate the needs of small businesses, students, and professionals. These meeting spaces should have a projector and screen, microphone, teleconferencing capabilities, and an easy-to-use control system. Since many different individuals will be using the space, the technology needs to be simple enough to operate and well-protected. Typically, these high-tech meeting rooms must be reserved in advance. Smart locks would be a great addition in this situation so that library staff can provide personal codes to the individuals who have specific meeting times. An access system will not only give order to a busy library, but it will also protect the valuable and expensive equipment.

Cohesive Design

The key to updating your library is designing every piece of technology to work together in a cohesive environment. Guests should be able to easily search the catalog using a computer or touch screen, reserve meeting rooms, and interact with the most advanced technologies available without difficulty. A technology consulting firm will be able to facilitate the process of modernizing your library for the evolving needs of our time. The first step is scheduling a discovery meeting with us to outline your goals.

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