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3 Benefits of a Proper Audio Video Design

Enjoy These AV Design Features in Your Los Angeles Business

 What is the most important part of a project? Is it the planning, the design, the installation, or the final touches? At Innovave, we believe that investing in the planning and design of a project is a crucial step in developing a winning facility or business enterprise – especially when it comes to audio video technology. The wrong audio video design can critically affect the way your organization or company in Los Angeles, CA functions, and even determine your level of success. Continue reading to discover what the benefits are of hiring a professional to design your audio video system.

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 #1 You will get the most out of your audio video equipment.

High-quality audio video equipment doesn’t come cheap – you need to invest in the best brands and best technologies to reap the full benefits in your business. However, our team knows all too well that a poor design can lead to problems. You won’t get the most out of your AV system if the wires aren’t done properly, the network hasn’t been correctly configured, and your TVs or speakers aren’t in the right location. In our designs, we account for the proper distance between speakers, the length between the person and the screen as well as the system layout. Yes, an expensive speaker will always sound great, but if you want 50 speakers in your facility, it takes a professional to know how far apart they should be placed and where.

In an article on Commercial Integrator, writer Mickey McCarter explains why planning is the key to successful integrations:

 “Every integration project requires a good plan as a foundation along with a good understanding of the needs of the client and the client’s stakeholders.”

You can trust us with your investment so that all of the components are being used to their full capacity.

#2 You will have a precise record of your AV system.

Besides having a professionally designed system, a nice side benefit of working with us is that you have a precise record of where every piece of technology has been installed. This comes in handy in the future if you ever need to update the system, add on to it, or work with a different installation company who needs to service the equipment. They’ll know exactly where the wires, racks, and other system components are so the work can be done quickly and easily. This will save you time and money in the long run.

#3 Perfect results are guaranteed.

Not only does Innovave offer professional design and consulting, but we also provide project management services. If you work with us on a large install, you’ll have our guarantee that your system will work perfectly. The reason we can promise this is because we oversee your audio video project from start to finish. We meet with you to go over exactly what you need, create the plans and designs, and then supervise the installation process so that it matches our design. If the boardroom projector doesn’t connect to the system or the network is unreliable, then we can review the plans and installation and make sure the work was performed properly. We’ll only sign off on the project when we feel every aspect has been completed to perfection.

If you need our design, consulting, or project management services for your audio video needs, send us a message online.

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  2. […] SEE ALSO: 3 Benefits of Proper Audio Video Design […]