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CATV Distribution System

Cable Television Distribution Network

CATV design looks simple and well-known thing at the same time has some tricky parts, like signal budget/loss calculations and interference between different frequencies.

The Structured Cabling System include the following components:

1. Headend includes VHF, UHF, Sattelite antennas, boosters, splitting/mixing base and channel filters, modulators and demodulators, transcoders and channel combiners. All that equipment combined provide quality A/V signal for subsequent
distribution over CATV network.
2. Mainline Distribution Amplifier and Extender Amplifier used to amplify the TV for network distribution.
3. Distribution network, which includes cables, couplers and tapoffs, splitters and connectors.


- Signal Raiser
- Floorplan (equipment locations)
- Floorplans (pathways)
- Wiring schedule
- Equipment racks elevations
- Details and elevations

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Customer's specifications about systems design, floorplans, other important materials.


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