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3 Ways to Improve Your High School Classrooms with Audio Video Design

High-tech High Schools Use Audio Video Design to Create New Learning Environments Today’s high schools need quality technology to not only support their learning programs but also create a safe environment for students. Audio video design experts can help your school achieve conducive environments for students to do science experiments, present projects, and have fun…
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Get a Proper Audio/Video Design for Your Collaborative Environments

Consider These Aspects When Hiring a Design & Engineering Professional Today, collaboration is key. Whether you are a CEO of a large corporation in Pasadena, California who regularly meets with board members, or you are a media professional delivering the morning news, or work for the government organizing educational programs – you need an open…
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3 Benefits of a Proper Audio Video Design

Enjoy These AV Design Features in Your Los Angeles Business  What is the most important part of a project? Is it the planning, the design, the installation, or the final touches? At Innovave, we believe that investing in the planning and design of a project is a crucial step in developing a winning facility or…
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